Download NorthScale Memcached Server - free!

NorthScale Memcached Server is the preferred distribution of memcached, the de facto standard in web caching technology, currently used by 18 of the world's top 20 websites.

NorthScale Memcached Server works alongside your relational database to alleviate load and reduce costs for your interactive web apps. It's simple, fast, and infinitely scalable. And it's free.

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• The de facto standard for web data caching
• Boosts web application performance
• Reduces data management costs
• Commercial support for Windows and Linux
• Developed and supported by leaders of the open source project team


"NorthScale is on the move. Hot off its recent accomplishment of winning several awards - including best in show at the 2010 Under the Radar event...its successful product release in March put the company on the map as a defining leader in the noSQL approach to data persistence." -- ReadWriteCloud

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